Friday, April 12, 2013

List: April 12, 2013: Russellville Performing Arts Center, Russellville, AR

Center for the Arts
Russellville, AR
April 12, 2013

7:00 PM CDT

Nik and Sam opening

The Out Alive Tour begins the second leg officially tonight in Russellville, AR (near Kris' home town of Conway). As we learned last night, Jake VP will be subbing for Cale during this part of the tour. While this will be sad news for many, it was Cale's choice to take a break, it is only temporary (this leg ends May 3), and I encourage all Kris fans to support Cale's decision and welcome Jake with open arms. From the videos already posted of last night's show, it's clear Jake brings some good guitar work to the band as well as wacky vine videos and more tweets than we are used to getting.

Updated: Set list post with Video links! Don't miss Fix You and Ain't No Sunshine!