Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Updated Show Post: April 17, 2013: The Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis, MN

The Cedar Cultural Center
Minneapolis, MN
April 17, 2013

Doors at 7, Show at 7:30 PM CDT

Jillette Johnson opening

(Post updated 12/26/2013)

Show Preview:
The Out Alive Tour heads up to Minneapolis, Minnesota, home of the Replacements and Prince, which ought to give Kris lots of great inspiration for requests!

I just hope we will get video. (Update: We got a lot, good job Minneapolis!) The last three shows have yielded only a few videos. C'mon midwest, step up your game!

That said, in the managing expectations department, a few people on the list for tonight were discussing how they don't normally like to tweet or video during shows yesterday.  I completely understand wanting to just kick back and enjoy Kris live - he's an amazing live artist - it's why we all love to follow his events and shows! Hoping they'll at least tweet a pic of the set list or even just the set list after the show.

Updated: The Minneapolis list did very well! Link to Set List/Video post on Tumblr.



Plugged in - Full band (photos by @sheriberrybim and @ristispeaks)

Set List:
  1. Out Alive
  2. Better With You
  3. Alright With Me
  4. The Vision of Love
  5. Before We Come Undone
  6. Faith/We Are Young/Some Nights (Cover - George Michael/fun. mash-up)
  7. Paul Simon
  8. Leave You Alone
  9. Eye of the Tiger (brief snippet) (Cover - Survivor) - PREMIERE
  10. Something (Cover - The Beatles) - PREMIERE
  11. Monster
  12. Unique
  13. My Weakness/No Woman No Cry (Original/Cover - Bob Marley)
  14. Rooftops
  15. Live Like We're Dying
  16. Paranoid Android (snippet) (Cover - Radiohead)
  17. Ain't No Sunshine (Cover - Bill Withers)
  18. Shut That Door
Also Happy Birthday - order in set list uncertain. Thanks to Bombalurina03 and Risti for help with this set list!

Opening Act: Jillette Johnson

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