Saturday, September 28, 2013

Private Event: September 28, 2013: Taste of St. Louis

Photo by SoloughlinSteve

 Taste of St. Louis
Union Station
September 28, 2013
St. Louis

Thanks to an awesome tweeter who is on the scene, @SoloughlinSteve, we have learned that Kris is performing in connection with the Taste of St. Louis - this appears to be quite the awesome fall festival. Wish we'd known earlier - would've worked up a list! Heck, maybe St. Louis Kris fans might have gone!

Many thanks to a second awesome tweeter @Bond_doubleoh_7 who says that this was a private party and provided this set list; she's also going to email some videos to share! Stay tuned!
  1. My Weakness
  2. Monster
  3. Out Alive
  4. Live Like We're Dying
  5. Rooftops
  6. Man in the Mirror
  7. Better With You
Photos: [Facebook]