Thursday, September 12, 2013

Show: September 12, 2013: South Dakota State University Performing Arts Center, Brookings SD

South Dakota State University
Performing Arts Center
Brookings, SD

September 12, 2013
8:00 PM CDT
(Concert Poster by South Dakota State University Program Council)

Event and List Preview:

Kris performs for the students of South Dakota State University in Brookings, South Dakota. This is a small town (closest big city is Minneapolis, a four hour drive away), but it's dear to my heart because my great-grandfather Cecil used to own the department store there! I kid you not. There's a pub now in the same building named after him. One day I would seriously like to visit this place!

As far as the show goes, the list is not big. But a student recently tweeted that it was almost sold out, so expect a good crowd and a lot of late additions to the list. The Facebook page for the event has been popular as well, and I've added those I could find from there on Twitter to the list.

Updated: Here's the student newspaper article:

(Photo by @kheilig)
Also - just a bit of housekeeping news. I've been following how some other fandoms do their concert pages and have decided to start adding more info and pictures to each concert post. If I can do it while a show is going on, great; if not, will do it afterwards. I'd also like to archive stuff for our fandom, so if you have some great pictures, videos and/or mp3s from past Kris shows (especially the Out Alive Tour), I'd love to link them. So please send them my way (email or tweet to @KrisAllenLists)

But back to South Dakota!


(Photo by @CaitlinMarieD)

Set List:
(Photo by @kheilig)

Better With You [Vine] [Video]
Alright With Me [Video]
Faith/We Are Young/Some Nights (Cover - George Michael/fun. mash-up) [Video]
The Vision of Love [Video]
Out Alive [Video]
Paul Simon [Video] [Video]
Leave You Alone [Video]
My Weakness/No Woman No Cry [Video]
Girl Pop Medley (Cover - We Found Love (Rhianna)/Firework (Katy Perry)/Just Dance (Lady Gaga) with a snippet of Say My Name (Destiny's Child)) [Video]
Monster [Video (not available)]
Rooftops/Blurred Lines (Original mashed up with Cover - Robin Thicke) - PREMIERE [Video - Don't Miss!] [mp3]
Live Like We're Dying [Vine] [Video]
You Got a Way!!! [Video]
Shut That Door [Video]

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