Friday, June 20, 2014

Concert: June 21, 2014: Monroe Community College 50th Anniversary Celebration Festival

Photo via Monroe County Community College

Monroe County Community College

50th Anniversary Celebration Festival

June 21, 2014 (Kris' Birthday)

Monroe CCC Campus

8:30 PM EDT

Show and List Preview:
Kris plays the 50th anniversary festival for a community college in Southern Michigan. Although it is set on a college campus, this event is free, open to the public and all ages. Not to mention, it is taking place on Kris' birthday! We've got a few good tweeters on our list, but the list overall is very small. But this show is near Toledo and Detroit, and the festival sounds like a lot of fun, so I've got a feeling more will pop out of the woodwork.

Pre-Show/Event Press and Publicity:

The Show:

Photo by @LindseyFavreau

Acoustic - Kris, Andrew and Torres

Set List: (Partial; order is my best guess and unconfirmed)

  1. Paul Simon
  2. Alright With Me [Instagram] [Video]
  3. Don't Set Me Free [Video] [mp3]
  4. Team/Pompeii (Cover - Bastille/Lorde mash-up) [Video] [mp3]
  5. Happy Birthday [Video]
  6. Out Alive
  7. Better With You [Instagram]
  8. Beautiful and Wild
  9. In Time [Video] [mp3]
  10. In Your Eyes (Cover-Peter Gabriel)
  11. Monster [Instagram]
  12. Rooftops with a smidge of In Da Club (50 Cent) before it
  13. Leave You Alone
  14. Live Like We're Dying [Instagram] [Video]
  15. Shut That Door

After the Show: