Thursday, June 19, 2014

Throwback Thursday: June 25, 2011: Kris Allen and Kris Allen Band perform at the ALIVE Festival, Mineral City, Ohio

Every Thursday we take a look back at Kris' career via video.

One show that remains fondly in the heart of many Kris fans is his 2011 appearance at the Alive Christian Music Festival. It may not sound like it, but this is an honest to goodness rock music festival and Kris and band delivered an amazing set for which many fans traveled from afar! They looked fantastic, had a blast with a lively crowd and were so amazing that three years later, fans are reminiscing about how much they enjoyed that show.

So here is a video of their set closer, Come Together! Check out that catwalk!

And for fun, here is the KAB playing some wiffleball before their set:

Finally, for more ALIVE Festival memories, check out:


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