Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sssssh, Birthday Plans Afoot....

It's time to make some plans for Kris Allen's 29th birthday, happening on June 21! Here's the various things that various fans are undertaking... Join in and do one, two or all!

Birthday Card
First off, there is an online birthday card for fans to sign at http://www.groupcard.com/c/dYN5V9NlU4e. The card will be closed on June 19, so make sure you sign by then! Thank you to @Ang_716 for setting this up for all of us!

Charity Effort
Kris superfan @christig428 has challenged other Kris fans to donate $29 to any charity of your choosing in honor of Kris. Details here.

Get the TVOL Video to 2 Million Views by 6/21
Several fans have tweeted that it would be sweet to get that darn video for The Vision of Love to 2 million views by Kris' birthday. It's so close! To make it easy, I've embedded here. Just click on it when you get a chance! If you are highly motivated to do this, click this link instead and leave it on.

Go to His Birthday Concert! (Detroit and Toledo, OH Areas)
On June 21, Kris will headline the Monroe County Community College 50th Anniversary Celebration. He'll be performing on the campus in Monroe, MI at 8:30 PM in a show that is free, all-ages and open to the public, and that will be followed by fireworks! Monroe, MI is just north of Toledo, Ohio and is about an hour south of Detroit. If you need more incentive, he doesn't have another non-college show scheduled right now until late August in Washington State.
Whatever you choose to do, please join me in saying, Happy Birthday Kris!