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April 5-7, 2016: American Idol Finale

Thanks @ShouldI45 for the picture of your ticket!
Photo via JustJared

It is the end of an era, as American Idol draws to a close with special episodes April 5, 6 and 7. Of course, it will bring back almost all of its winners and several memorable alumni to help with the celebration, including the 2009 winner of season 8, Kris.

Updated my personal take post-finale: Personally, for many years (probably seasons 1 through 11), American Idol was my favorite TV show and I didn't miss an episode. I actually have purchased a lot of post-Idol music from various contestants - Kris of course, but many others as well. However, Season 12 of Idol (the Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey/cut all the talented guys season) was so rough and painful that I began to lose interest. I watched Season 13 very casually but Season 14 drew me back into it since I liked the guy who won it (Nick Fradiani). I also am a big Keith Urban fan, so it helps sometimes that Keith is on there as a judge. I had high hopes that Idol would indulge in some alumni and nostalgia this season, and they have to a degree (including Kris, who helped judge the Little Rock auditions). The finale itself was overall fantastic, and although I might have had the WGWGs sing their own songs and cut Kara Dioguardi so they could have an extra two minutes, I really can't complain.

This post will serve to collect some of the Kris-centric media and stories regarding the finale. (Note, as a blog that seeks to support Kris, I will not post any stories that I deem unflattering or unhelpful in any way. If you are looking for comprehensive Idol finale coverage, I recommend MJs Big Blog. Team Kris is also gathering Kris-related media here.)

Media, Kris-related finale news and all the best finale clips and pics after the break!
Updated 4/11/2016

American Idol Finale Coverage

The Finale!

Kris appeared in the opening number, One Voice, with all the other alumni! He was tough to spot, but in the front row middle, between Melinda Doolittle and Scotty McCreery.

Photo via @Mashable
Later on in the show (which was awesome for a longtime Idol fan like me by the way), Kris appeared with other winners Phillip Phillips, Lee DeWyze, Nick Fradiani and David Cook to sing a medley of Bowie songs, including Starman, The Jean Genie (Kris was awesome on this part), and Rebel Rebel.
[A little present from me here]

Fan shot video!
Photo by @ShouldI45 (a Kris fan who won tickets to the finale!)
Photo via AP Images
Finally, at the very end, Kris came out with the other alumni to celebrate. Here's a great photo by @ShouldI45 who was there and found him in the crowd on stage:

Photo by @ShouldI45

Selected Media:
 Selected News Stories:
    Pre-Finale Rumors regarding Kris:
    • Nick Fradiani has said he'll be paired with Kris, David Cook, Lee DeWyze and Phillip Phillips in a Bowie medley. TRUE
      • This American Idol Snapchat shows Kris and the other winners practicing Rebel Rebel (David Bowie) (Thank you @heartsandroses9!) TRUE
    • Kris appeared to be dancing with Ruben Studdard in a rehearsal snapchat. SADLY FALSE
      Fun Pre-Show Media with Kris:
      Screencap from Snapchat posted by Melinda Doolittle - thanks @Sparkly_Night
      Images from American Idol Snapchat - thanks @heartsandroses9
      Photo by @ScottyMcCreery
      S8 Reunion (photo by @DannyGokey)

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