Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Letting You In Tour: April 14, 2016: Ann Arbor, MI

Screenshot by @KrisAllenLists

April 14, 2016

The Ark

Ann Arbor, MI
Doors open 7:30 PM Eastern
Show 8:00 PM Eastern

Opening Act: Sean McConnell

Show and List Preview:
Kris Allen and band return to Michigan to play a couple of shows, starting with a return engagement to the Ark in Ann Arbor, a venue he last played in 2013.

Updated: Fun show, with the longest set list yet, a fantastic stream for the rest of us, and media after the break...
UPDATED 6/20/2016

Pre-Show/Event Press and Publicity:
Screencap by @KrisAllenLists
The Ticket:
Thanks @kristen8108 for photos of your ticket

Merch, Signage and Other Fun Stuff:
Handed out at VIP! Photo by @kristen8108

Soundcheck: Kris played The Vision of Love [YouTube | mp3], My Weakness [Instagram] | [YouTube | mp3] and Way Up High [Instagram] for VIP soundcheck. He may have had a memory lapse on TVOL and MW. ;p

Photo by @JCrocks5
 The Show: [Kris' Instagram Video]
Fantastic photo of Kris and Cale by @kristen8108
Photo by @StephenChang
Photo by @Kristen8108
Photo by @Kristen8108
Set List (Thank you to @heyjoanieb and @Kristen8108):
  1. Love Will Find You (with a bit of Letting You In) [YouTube - partial]
  2. Happy Birthday to a bunch of people
  3. Time Will Come [Instagram]
  4. Faster Shoes
  5. Waves [YouTube]
  6. Prove It to You
  7. If We Keep Doing Nothing
  8. Paul Simon
  9. Request: The Vision of Love [YouTube with Stand by Me]
  10. Stand by Me (Cover - Ben E. King) [YouTube with TVOL] | [Vimeo]
  11. In Time [Instagram] | [Vimeo]
  12. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Cover - Cyndi Lauper) [YouTube]
  13. Letting You In [Vimeo]
  14. Monster
  15. Everybody Just Wants to Dance
  16. Live Like We're Dying [Instagram]
  17. Feeling This Way
  18. I Remember You
  19. Request - Red Guitar [Vimeo]
  20. Lost
  21. End of the Show
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