Friday, April 1, 2016

Concert: April 3, 2016: YountvilleLive, Bubbles Brunch, Yountville, CA

Photo by @ChefGrant888


April 3, 2016

Yountville, CA

Noon - 2 PM Pacific

Show and List Preview:
As many of us in the major east coast cities know, Kris was slated to go through our area with the tour this week. However, the mothership, American Idol, called him home for its final shows (Tuesday April 5 through Thursday April 7), and of course, he had to go! The Charlotte, Washington, Philadelphia and New York City shows were all rescheduled (New York for April 18 and the other three are in June). So what's a guy to do before returning to his mothership? Hit up Napa of course, and this awesome-sounding multi-day wine, food and music festival, featuring performers Kris is friends with such as Jason Castro, Jillette Johnson and the Goo Goo Dolls. Kris will be playing a champagne brunch on Sunday afternoon, and you can get an a la carte ticket to just his portion of the festival (link above).

Updated: While I spent the day on country roads and I-95 taking a kid back to college and battling our way back home with her winter clothes, you guys enjoyed champagne brunch with Kris via Periscope. Thank you as always to awesome Kris fans who share with the fandom! Media after the break...
Updated 8:15 AM EDT 4/4/2016

Pre-Show/Event Press and Publicity:
The Ticket:
    Thank you to @krismicklin for a picture of her ticket!

    Merch, Signage and Other Fun Stuff:

    Screencap of YountvilleLive website by Kris Allen Lists

    Signage amongst the wine tents. Photo by @bhanly2005

    The Show (Kris with Devon on drums and Andrew on keyboards):
    Photo by @jkcementina
    Photo by @TeamAims

    Set List (Thank you to @kheilig, @maryet34, @kcmartian and @teamaims):
    1. Love Will Find You
    2. Better With You
    3. Monster/I Can't Feel My Face (Original/Cover - the Weeknd) [YouTube]
    4. Waves [Twitter video] | [YouTube]
    5. If We Keep Doing Nothing [YouTube]
    6. Way Up High [YouTube]
    7. In Time
    8. Feeling This Way
    9. Live Like We're Dying [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram - good crowd!]
    10. Heartless (Cover - Kanye West) [YouTube]

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