Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Letting You In Tour: June 10, 2016: Carrboro, NC

Screencap by @KrisAllenLists

June 10, 2016
Cat's Cradle - Back Room
Carrsboro, NC
Doors 7:00 PM EDT
Show 8:00 PM EDT
Opening Act: Sean McConnell

All ages

Show and List Preview:
I will be traveling to attend my college reunion at UVA today, but Kris and the band are apparently playing Tarheel nation, with a gig in Carrboro, NC (just west of Chapel Hill, NC (UNC's home) in the Raleigh-Durham metropolitan area). Kris last played this area in 2013 for the Out Alive tour.

My weekend travels and reunion mean that I will not update this post until after the weekend. I'll leave the list open longer than usual to compensate for that.

Updated: You can always depend on our North Carolina fans for great media! Several full sets of beautiful videos from the show plus some more! Looks like a great show - if you are an ACC fan, be sure to watch Kris the SEC guy try to identify figure out just which part of Tobacco Road he is on in the banter before Time Will Come...
UPDATED 06/20/2016

Pre-Show/Event Press and Publicity:
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Havaianas I believe :) Photo by @NCShopGirl

The Show:
Photo by emjaycat6 on IG
Photo by @NCShopGirl's husband

Set List (Thank you Nate C, @granni9 and @NCShopGirl):
  1. Love Will Find You (with a bit of Letting You In) [Periscope through PITY] | [YouTube] | [YouTube with TWC] | [YouTube through PS]
  2. Time Will Come [YouTube] | [YouTube with LWFY]
  3. Better With You [YouTube]
  4. Faster Shoes [YouTube]
  5. Prove It to You [YouTube] | [YouTube with IWKDN]
  6. If We Keep Doing Nothing [YouTube] | [YouTube with PITY]
  7. Paul Simon [YouTube] | [YouTube with Waves]
  8. Waves [Instagram] | [Periscope through RG] [YouTube] | [YouTube with PITY] | [YouTube through Monster]
  9. Request - Heartless [YouTube]
  10. Request - Red Guitar [Periscope] | [YouTube]
  11. In Time [YouTube] | [YouTube]
  12. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Cover - Cyndi Lauper)  [YouTube] | [YouTube]
  13. Monster/Maneater (Original/Cover - Hall & Oates) [YouTube] | [YouTube through FTW] | [YouTube]
  14. Everybody Just Wants to Dance [YouTube]
  15. Live Like We're Dying  [YouTube]
  16. Feeling This Way  [YouTube] | [YouTube]
  17. Ain’t No Sunshine (Cover - Bill Withers) - With Sean McConnell [Periscope] | [YouTube] | [YouTube]
  18. Lost [YouTube] | [YouTube with EOTS] | [YouTube]
  19. End of the Show [YouTube] | [YouTube]

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