Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Letting You In Tour: June 11, 2016: Charlotte, NC

Screencap by @KrisAllenLists
June 11, 2016
Neighborhood Theatre
Charlotte, NC
Doors 7:00 PM EDT
Show 8:00 PM EDT
Opening Act: Sean McConnell

All ages

Show and List Preview:
The Letting You In Tour finishes up in Charlotte, NC. We always have good lists and live tweeters in North Carolina, and I'm sure they will keep us updated! Kris last played this venue in 2014.

Updated: It's so sad to think this tour is over. It brought many of us a lot of happiness. Thank you Kris Allen and KAB and Max Shafer for a great time, and next time, please don't wait three years to hit us up again in DC or in other major cities! Charlotte set list and media (including videos) after the break...
UPDATED 06/16/2016

Pre-Show/Event Press and Publicity:
The Ticket: 
Photo by dougstmart on IG

Merch, Signage and Other Fun Stuff:
Photo by @granni9
Photo by dougstmart on IG

Soundcheck: Kris sang Letting You In [YouTube | mp3]
Photo by @NCShopGirl

Photo by  mariclaire87 on IG
 The Show:
Photo by @CarolynCGivens

Photo by meganewright on IG
Photo by @NCShopGirl
Set List (Thank you @granni9 and @NCShopGirl):
  1. Love Will Find You (with a bit of Letting You In) [Periscope through AWM]
  2. Time Will Come [Periscope LWFY through AWM] | [YouTube]
  3. Better With You [Periscope LWFY through AWM] | [YouTube]
  4. Faster Shoes [Periscope LWFY through AWM] | [YouTube]
  5. Shut That Door (PITY was not played) [Periscope LWFY through AWM] | [YouTube]
  6. If We Keep Doing Nothing [Periscope] | [YouTube with PS]
  7. Paul Simon [Periscope LWFY through AWM] | [YouTube with IWKDN]
  8. Waves [Periscope LWFY through AWM] | [YouTube - partial part 1] | [YouTube - partial part 2]
  9. Request - Heartless [Periscope LWFY through AWM] | [YouTube with AWM]
  10. Request - Alright With Me [Periscope LWFY through AWM] | [YouTube with Heartless]
  11. In Time [Periscope through EJWTD] | [YouTube]
  12. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Cover - Cyndi Lauper) [Twitter video] | [Periscope IT through EJWTD]
  13. Monster/Maneater (Original/Cover - Hall & Oates) [Periscope IT through EJWTD]
  14. Everybody Just Wants to Dance [Periscope IT through EJWTD] | [YouTube]
  15. Live Like We're Dying [Periscope] | [YouTube]
  16. Feeling This Way [Periscope through EOTS] | [YouTube]
  17. Ain’t No Sunshine (Cover - Bill Withers) [Periscope FTW through EOTS] | [YouTube]
  18. Lost [Periscope FTW through EOTS]
  19. End of the Show [Periscope FTW through EOTS]

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