Friday, October 4, 2013

Flashback Friday: San Diego 2/2/13 and Kris Plays Electric Guitar in 2009 and 2010!

On Fridays, we try to catch up on tour media around here! We'll check out a video to catch up on the Out Alive Tour. Plus I'll try to give you a bonus video - Out Alive Tour!

Out Alive Tour Video
I'm up to San Diego and wow, was that an epic show on February 2, 2013 at the Soda Bar. There's no shortage of media to choose from; so I've updated the post for that show with all of the videos and yes, mp3s! Special shout-outs go to Ocamy21, SnapCracklyPop, Kradamantium and TheRealConcertKing who all went the extra mile and made you YouTube playlists (linked on the show post), and to Summerdaze_, coming through once again with the mp3s.

I couldn't decide between these two videos to feature here so you get them both:

Kradamantium's sexy video of Kris being sexy and ad-libbing during Leave You Alone

Ocamy21's awesome video of Seven Nation Army/Shut That Door

But also be sure to hit up the show post and check out Torres singing lead on California Dreaming and the band just doing another great job on Breakdown. Plus if you are West Coast, don't miss the banter before Better With You.

Bonus Video

We also try each week to take a look back at a fun or great (or both) video that maybe got overlooked or maybe just deserves a second look! I put out a request on Twitter and Summerdaze_ asked for something featuring Kris on electric guitar. (Perhaps inspired by this picture he tweeted.) Sounds good to me and it's the least I can do to thank her for the mp3s. But what to choose?

There's the first video that comes up in search on YouTube when you input "Kris Allen Electric Guitar"

Ah his Bright Lights solo during the 2009 Idol Tour, Charlotte version. He did great on that. Here's another fun video of it from the Portland 2009 Idol Tour

Then thinking through his own songs, the ones that have always stood out to me for electric guitar were Can't Stay Away and Is It Over, but Is It Over was always more of an Andrew DeRoberts tour de force. So we will go with Can't Stay Away, back to the Fall 2010 Lifehouse tour, where the KAB had evolved the song into a big guitar jam at the end. I found 3 pretty videos for you of Kris and his red electric guitar.

Here's Westbury, NY (k21886):

Here's Washington, DC (mamaygr - disclaimer - that's my personal account so this is actually my video)

Here's Kansas City (Debbi Ronnebaum) with bonus Red Guitar (for which he puts the red guitar down and picks up a brown one, LOL.)