Thursday, October 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday: October 24, 2010: Kris opens for Lifehouse in Washington, DC

Every Thursday we take a look back at Kris' career via video.

This week, I'm going to be even more selfish than normal, because I realized that exactly three years ago today was the first time Kris played an actual concert in my hometown of Washington, DC (besides the Idol tour and as opposed to a radio or charity appearance), when he came here to open for Lifehouse in their 2010 tour. So we are doing quite the personal throwback tonight.

This was such a fun concert - got together with a bunch of Kris fan friends at one person's condo for dinner and drinks, then shuttled over to the venue, DAR Constitution Hall, a beautiful place with fantastic acoustics.

Funny anecdote: This was around the time Alright with Me had become KATA's 3rd single and we DC people had begged one of the local radio stations which will go nameless to play it without success. A few of us went up to the radio station's table at the show to plead our case and received the response of "well, ok, do you want a nail file with the station's name?"

But on to the show! It was great. Alyssa Bernal ("Cali, Cali, Cali," remember?) opened, followed by Kris. He was very impressed by DC, as shown in this video by kmt8871 of Alright With Me:

And as you can hear, DC was (and always is) quite responsive to him! It's one of his best cities to play in terms of a responsive audience.

This was also the night he dropped Man in the Mirror from the set list and replaced it with a cover of Everybody Rules the World by Tears for Fears, segueing into an awesome full band Is It Over: Here's a great video from Marilyn Yang:

This was just a great night, capped off with a great performance from Lifehouse and a fun conversation with Cale. Finally, the highlight came when my friend and I met Kris (for me it was the first time) after the show. He was tired and we look super goofy in our pictures with him, but I remember our drive to our friend's place afterwards; we were super giddy and thrilled to have met him.

So all in all, one of my favorite concerts ever! Here's some show info and additional links in case you want to see more! If you have some media to share from this show, please pass it along and I'll link it below!

The Show!


Full Band (Not sure who took this picture, but it was taken during CSA)

1.  Written All Over My Face
2.  Can’t Stay Away
3.  Red Guitar
4.  Alright With Me
5.  Everybody Wants To Rule The World (cover - Tears For Fears)
6.  Is It Over
7.  Live Like We’re Dying
8.  Come Together (cover - The Beatles)

Opening for Lifehouse. Other acts: Alyssa Bernal

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