Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's a Kris Allen Halloween Special!

Normally we use Thursdays and Fridays to catch up and look back at Kris media, but this week is Halloween, so today we're going to have a big Kris Allen Halloween Special post!

I asked for spooky and haunting videos of Monster and Out Alive, and here's what you submitted!

@SnapCracklyPop noted that her video of Monster from the Constellation Room show might work and he was purple if not haunting. We'll take it!

But hmmm, as she mentioned, purple does not equal scary enough - but maybe it was the angle?

Because this video of Out Alive from the same show by IAMmandaD features lots of screams and blue misty smoke!

@SnapCracklyPop also pointed me towards this next video of Kris at his show in Evanston, IL, contemplating his 2012 Halloween costume (see the end of this post for what he actually sported).

Now, let's check out the next entry. Here's Monster from an October 2012 show in Texas City, TX, submitted by @maryet34

Ooh smoky and creepy blue lights! Like it!

Our next entry is from @KYNurse45_ - she remembered that the Hamilton show in Washington, DC was quite smoky and submitted her Monster video! (Also, side note: that is my water glass you see in front of the candle giving off a flickering scary glow.)

Shadowy figures, smoky, flickering candles, and sometimes the lighting makes Kris look like a ghost! This video is scary!

So I went looking for Out Alive from the same show and found this video by crybaby4u, with Kris bathed in white smoke and spooky blue lights:

Spooky! As we all know, this show was October 28, 2012, aka the night Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, and Kris and company ended up stranded in Washington DC for a few days. So they celebrated Halloween in style and luckily The Washington Post snagged some video! Watch it to see their Halloween costumes from last year!

Happy Halloween from Kris Allen Lists! May you all get lots of the good candy! If I have missed any good scary and haunting Kris Halloween videos, please share them in the comment section below!