Thursday, January 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Kris performs To Make You Feel My Love on American Idol, March 18, 2009

Every Thursday we take a look back at Kris' career via video.

Today's post is inspired by the brand new snippet of Love in a Small Town, the new song Kris co-wrote with Mary Steenburgen for the May 2014 indie-movie Valley Inn, that was posted today, as well as that #IdolBlitz promo chat Kris did and that continues with other idol alumni on Twitter this week.

To my ears, the snippet reminded me of something the Eagles or perhaps Ben Harper would come up with. I loved it. I was looking at some of the comments in the MJs post linked above, and noticed a little debate about whether the song was "country" or not. I do hear country influences in it; to me as a country music fan, that's not a horrible thing. Kris has acknowledged that country music is a genre he grew up with and an influence on him musically. It does make me laugh a little when I see people who are a little put off by it, but then I remember not everyone does grow up with it like Kris did and like I did.

But mostly what that debate triggered for me was a memory of Kara DioGuardi. No worries, although she was not the most pleasing judge to watch or listen to that season, this memory is a pleasant one. During Grand Old Opry week of Season 8 of American Idol, she praised Kris' performance of the Bob Dylan (and later covered by Garth Brooks and Adele) classic, To Make You Feel My Love, and noted:

"I didn't even know that it was Opryland when he was singing that song, it wasn't even country, it just was was very Kris Allen."

Exactly, Kara.