Thursday, January 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Something Warm for Kris Allen Fans

It's Throwback Thursday, our weekly date to take a look back at Kris' career via video.

Let's face it. I'm in Virginia. It snowed; heavily by our standards. It's cold. All of you on the east coast have it even worse. Many of you in the midwest as well. It is freezing and we need to warm up. We need something hot. So I went looking for some of my favorite "hot" videos for this week's TBT post.

I sadly discovered that my favorite one - a 2009 performance of Can't Stay Away in Charlotte - has been pulled off YouTube! (There's another one but it's shot from too far away for our purposes today.) But I did find another short excerpt from that same performance that will work...

OK, we'll go with Kris dancing in a hot setting! Here's one more (a classic):

So, in conclusion, for all my cold Kris fans, to keep warm, just dance, preferably while watching videos of Kris on a sunny day in a tank top.

Enjoy! And don't forget to tell me if you are going to one of his upcoming shows so I can add you to the list for it! Also, make sure to check out the Kralendar at the bottom of this page for some new college shows just listed!