Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Letting You In Tour: May 20, 2016: Sacramento, CA

 Photo by SBL Entertainment
May 20, 2016
Harlow's Nightclub

Sacramento, CA
Doors 7:00 PM PDT
Show: 8:00 PM PDT

Opening Acts: Marie Miller and Connor and Karlee


Show and List Preview:
Kris and the band return to Sacramento. The last time they were here in 2013 for the Out Alive Tour, they vastly improved a Justin Bieber song. Luckily, the crowd this time is 21+ so hopefully we can avoid Bieber covers (even if they are good ones, they are still Bieber covers for goodness sakes). ;) There will also be a radio show earlier in the day for local station Star 106.5 (who also did one for the Out Alive tour) so that will be incorporated into this post and live tweet list.

Updated: Looks like we've got full videos! Longest set list of tour and media after the break...
UPDATED  12/06/2016

Pre-Show/Event Press and Publicity:
Kris visiting Retail Radio (a company headquartered in the rgion that sells streaming music channels to retail stores)
Star 106.5 Lounge Set List and media:
Photo by @Star1065Sac
The Ticket: 
Thank you @firesprite11_5
 Merch, Signage and Other Fun Stuff:
Photo by @ImekaSF

Soundcheck: Kris sang Teach Me How Love Goes [YouTube including Q&A] | [Periscope including Q&A] | [YouTube | mp3]

The Show:
Photo by @ir0cko on IG
Photo by @shoshpd
Photo by miss_molliebee on IG
Photo by @firesprite11_5
Set List (Thank you @kheilig, @shoshpd and @firesprite11_5):
  1. Love Will Find You (with a bit of Letting You In) [Periscope starting here] | [YouTube starting here through Waves]
  2. Time Will Come [YouTube]
  3. Better With You [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Twitter video] | [YouTube] | [YouTube]
  4. Faster Shoes [YouTube] | [YouTube] | [YouTube]
  5. If We Keep Doing Nothing [YouTube]
  6. Prove It to You (with Marie Miller) [YouTube] | [YouTube] | [YouTube]
  7. Paul Simon [Instagram] | [YouTube]
  8. Waves [Instagram] | [Periscope starting here through FTW] | [YouTube] | [YouTube]
  9. Request - Beautiful and Wild [YouTube starting here, some audio issues] | [YouTube] | [YouTube] | [YouTube]
  10. Request - Alright With Me [YouTube] | [YouTube] | [YouTube]
  11. In Time [YouTube] | [YouTube] | [YouTube]
  12. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Cover - Cyndi Lauper) [Instagram] | [YouTube] | [YouTube] | [YouTube]
  13. Shut That Door [YouTube]
  14. Monster/Maneater (Original/Cover - Hall & Oates) [YouTube]
  15. Everybody Just Wants to Dance [YouTube with LLWD] | [YouTube]
  16. Live Like We're Dying [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [YouTube with EJWTD]
  17. Feeling This Way [Instagram] | [YouTube]
  18. Ain’t No Sunshine (Cover - Bill Withers) [YouTube starting here through EOTS] | [Periscope starting here through EOTS] | [YouTube] | [YouTube]
  19. Lost [YouTube]
  20. End of the Show [YouTube] | [YouTube] | [YouTube]

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