Thursday, May 19, 2016

Letting You In Tour: May 21, 2016: San Francisco, CA

Screencap by Kris Allen Lists
May 21, 2016
The Chapel

San Francisco, CA
Doors 8 PM PDT
Show 9 PM PDT

Opening Act: Marie Miller

All ages

Show and List Preview:
Kris and the band bring the Letting You In Tour to San Francisco. He always has fabulous shows in this city, so I'd expect the same! He last played here in 2013 - once opening for Boyce Avenue and once as a headliner.

Updated: As predicted, a fantastic list appeared to get themselves a great show! Set list, lots of videos and very cool photos thanks to the venue's interesting lighting after the break...
UPDATED 10/26/2016

Pre-Show/Event Press and Publicity:

The Ticket:
Thank you @summerdaze_!
Merch, Signage and Other Fun Stuff:
Random poster on a random fence! Photo by @christig428
photo by @krismicklin

Photo by @wendellmp7

Soundcheck: Kris sang Leave You Alone [Twitter Video] | [Instagram] | [YouTube] | [YouTube] | [YouTube] | [YouTube] | [mp3]
Photo by @jgomez89
    Photo by @teamaims
    The Show:
    Photo by @ImekaSF
    Photo by @jgomez89
    Photo by @roxybella_manda
    Photo by @teamaims
    Photo by @summerdaze_

    Photo by @firesprite11_5
    Set List (Thank you @firesprite11_5 and @shoshpd):
    1. Love Will Find You (with a bit of Letting You In) [YouTube] | [YouTube] | [YouTube starting here through IWKDN] | [YouTube]
    2. Time Will Come [YouTube] | [Periscope] | [YouTube]
    3. Better With You [Banter IG] | [Instagram] | [YouTube] | [Periscope] | [YouTube]
    4. Faster Shoes [YouTube] | [YouTube] | [Periscope] | [YouTube]
    5. If We Keep Doing Nothing [YouTube] | [YouTube]
    6. Prove It to You (with Marie Miller) [YouTube] | [Periscope] | [YouTube]
    7. Paul Simon [YouTube] | [Periscope] | [YouTube]
    8. Waves [YouTube] | [YouTube]
    9. Request - Girl Across The Room [Periscope starts here through FTW] | [Periscope with AWM] | [YouTube] | [YouTube]
    10. Request - Alright With Me [Periscope with GATR] | [You Tube]
    11. In Time [YouTube]
    12. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Cover - Cyndi Lauper) [YouTube] | [Periscope] | [YouTube - Partial] | [YouTube]
    13. Shut That Door [Periscope] | [YouTube] | [YouTube]
    14. Monster/Maneater (Original/Cover - Hall & Oates) [YouTube] | [YouTube]
    15. Everybody Just Wants to Dance [Instagram] | [YouTube
    16. Live Like We're Dying [YouTube]
    17. Feeling This Way [YouTube]
    18. Ain't No Sunshine (Cover - Bill Withers) [Periscope with Lost] | [YouTube starts here to EOTS; sound issues for 1st minute but then OK] | [YouTube] | [YouTube] [Instagram video & must read review]
    19. Lost [Periscope with ANS] | [YouTube | mp3 ]
    20. End of the Show [YouTube]

    Want to see Kris live? He's touring this Spring!
    Check my calendar on the web version of this blog
     for full schedule; visit or
    event/venue's website for tickets

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