Thursday, July 12, 2018

Idol tour 2018, July 12-16: Oregon, Napa, Denver

Here's where American Idol Live 2018! will be headed in the next few days! (Links to tickets and information.)

July 12: Central Point, Oregon (Jackson County Fair) - We've got a few things. Good video of There's Nothing Holding Me Back

July 13: Napa, CA (Uptown Theatre) - Kris fans brought you his complete set! Unfortunately, video police ensured that most of this is audio only. For their herculean efforts, Napa, you get #gavegoodlist!

July 16: Denver, CO (Paramount Theatre) - Kris fan Christi brought us lots of scoop and fun details from this show. Turns out Jurnee and Michael help out on Live Like We're Dying. She has many mini-videos and the first video of When All The Stars Have Died! As always, Christi singularly earns her city #gavegoodlist!

Coverage of those shows after the break in the weekly recap! What we know of the set list is here.

July 12: Central Point Oregon, Jackson County Fair

Complete set list

Highlights for Kris fans:

Napa, CA, the Uptown Theatre, July 13, 2018:

Complete set list

Highlights for Kris fans: 
  •  Faster Shoes (VIP)

    July 16, The Paramount, Denver, CO

    Complete set list

    Highlights for Kris fans:

    • Kris shared a new song at VIP (no name and they promised him they wouldn't share it) and spilled that there might be an east coast Christmas tour.
    • Kris backing Maddie on Rainbow Connection
    • Idol Medley and When All the Stars Have Died (first good video of it!) with Jurnee backing!

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