Monday, July 9, 2018

Idol tour hosted by Kris Allen starts this Wednesday! Blog coverage plans

The American Idol Live 2018! tour is starting this Wednesday, July 11, in Redding, California! If you haven't already, go buy your tickets!

Remembering past Idol tours (ah! cellcasts!) and other tours like the holiday tour with Jim Brickman, Kris' setlist will most likely not change from show to show. For this blog, I'm planning to the posts a different way. I've gotten really busy in real life work and just don't have the time to do a separate post for each show, plus with the fact that each show is pretty much the same.. . here's my game plan for tour coverage, and of course, I can always adjust it if events warrant or if free time permits (ha!)

Post for July 11: Tour premiere! For this post, I hope to get the set list and of course some photos and videos. I have read some spoilers on it courtesy of MJ. If you are going to one of the first week's shows (Redding, Jackson County (Oregon) fair, Napa and Denver), do me a favor and tweet me on Twitter (@KrisAllenLists); that way I'll know who to follow up on show details with!

Weekly post to be done on Tuesdays: Right now I plan to include a small recap of each show with the best photos, videos, etc. Depending on how the final set list and my  real life work schedule and projects shake out, we'll see if we need to do more, change the weekly date, or if that will work. Due to a long-awaited, much needed vacation scheduled, I'll skip weekly recapping the first two weeks of August and do a two-week recap on August 15.

The weekly post will focus on Kris of course, as he's the subject of this blog. If he duets or collaborates with any of the Idol finalists, that will definitely be covered. More than ever, I am going to need your help since I'm not actually going to any of the shows until the last one in DC. Please share all you can on Twitter and IG about the Idol tour (and tag me)! Thanks and looking forward to the summer of shows!

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