Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Idol Tour 2018: July 19, 20 and 21: Idol and Kris Allen visit Texas

American Idol Live 2018! is visiting Texas this week! (Links to tickets and information.)

July 19: Dallas, Texas (The Verizon Theatre)  - Thank you to Aspen (@SpenReed4) for updating us with some great twitter videos from the whole show! Dallas will earn #gavegoodlist for these!

July 20: San Antonio, TX (The Tobin Center) - We've got a video... c'mon San Antonio fans time to share...!

July 21: McAllen, Texas (McAllen Performing Arts Center) - We've got a video. Hope to see more posted.

Fun fact: Kris has played Dallas a lot, and San Antonio a couple of times (although it's been awhile!), but he's also played McAllen, Texas once before! It's where he gave us this gem from 2011.

Come back after the shows for coverage! Information on the expected set list is here. (Updated 8/16/2018 with some photos from San Antonio that popped up.)

July 19: Dallas

Highlights for Kris fans

July 20, 2018: San Antonio

Highlights for Kris fans:

July 21, 2018: McAllen, TX

Highlights for Kris fans:

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