Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Idol tour 2018: Tour premiere in Redding California, July 11

July 11, 2018
American Idol Live 2018
Redding, CA
7:00 PM PDT

The tour begins in Redding, California! While former Idols have occasionally appeared with previous Idol tours as a special guest, this is the first time one has gone the distance for the whole tour as a host and featured performer. 

We've got a few videos inside the post! I did include the finalists so you have an idea of what the whole show is about. I may have a few editorial comments but just remember season 2.1 fans, I come from the glory days of S8 fandom and my standards are high. It's also hard but good to remember that not everyone loves your favorite. Goodness knows we Kris fans have learned that one. By the way Kris absolutely rules There's Nothing Holding Me Back but of course he does. Need a nice full YouTube of that if you are going to an upcoming show.

We could use more on this show. Please tag me on IG (krisallenlists) or on Twitter (@KrisAllenLists) if you have any photos, videos, set list reports to share. I am hoping to get the complete set list for everyone performing.

Set list (partial; order uncertain): I'll bold the things Kris is in.

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