Wednesday, September 3, 2014

College Show: September 3, 2014: University of Akron, Akron, OH

Photo by the University of Akron

College Show

September 3, 2014

University of Akron

Akron, OH

11:30 AM - 1 PM Eastern

Show and List Preview:
Kris performed a free welcome back lunchtime concert for students at the University of Akron. As always, the college tweets came in late, flaily and fast, and the students who caught it seemed to enjoy it! He also did a fun interview with WZIP, the university's radio station.

The Ticket:
Photo by the University of Akron

Merch, Signage and Other Fun Stuff:

The line to get in and get lunch! Photo by @UAkronZPN

The Show:

Photo by ARTyler

Set List: 
  1. Paul Simon
  2. Better With You
  3. Don't Set Me Free
  4. Beautiful and Wild
  5. Prove It To You
  6. Alright With Me
  7. In Time
  8. It's Always You [Instagram]
  9. The Wire (Cover - Haim)
  10. Lost
  11. Monster/Rude (Original/Cover - MAGIC!)
  12. Everybody Just Wants to Dance/I Want You Back (Original/Cover - the Jackson 5ive)
  13. Live Like We're Dying
  14. Chandelier/Stay With Me (Cover - Sia/Sam Smith) [Instagram]
  15. Shut That Door
  16. End of the Show
  17. Also: Happy Birthday
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