Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Concert: January 29, 2015: The Social, Orlando, FL


January 29, 2015

The Social

Orlando, FL
Doors 8:00 PM EST

Opening Act: John Frank

Show and List Preview:
Following their nice cruise to Cozumel aboard the Rock Boat, it's time for KAB to head home. They're going to take the long musical route though, and do a couple of shows on the way, starting with this return engagement to the Social in Orlando, FL.

We've got a lot of fans who traveled for this one! Must be that wintry weather... I anticipate our best list in awhile.

Updated 2/6/15: Set list and media, including some nice photo albums, videos and mp3s and an interview, after the break...

Pre-Show/Event Press and Publicity:
  • The venue has tweeted a lot and posted on Facebook.
The Ticket:

Thanks @Catalm 

Merch, Signage and Other Fun Stuff:

KAB having fun at Walt Disney World day of show (photo by kris_allen on IG)

Kris being interviewed before the show (photo by @jessmichelleX3)
Yay a Backdrop! (photo by @heartsandroses9)

Soundcheck: Kris soundchecked Shake It Off (Taylor Swift)

The Show:
Photo by @Eliza360

Photo by @kt_cle
Photo by @ameeliu

Photo by @Ang_XoXo17
Photo by @yendiders

Set List:

Photo by @heartsandroses9
  1. Out Alive (snippet)/Paul Simon [YouTube] | [YouTube]
  2. Better With You [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [YouTube]
  3. Don't Set Me Free [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [YouTube]
  4. Beautiful and Wild [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [YouTube]
  5. Chandelier/Take Me to Church/I Won't Back Down/Stay With Me - (Cover - Sia/Hozier/Tom Petty/Sam Smith mash-up) - PREMIERE with I Won't Back Down included. [Instagram] | [YouTube]
  6. Loves Me Not [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [YouTube
  7. Everybody Just Wants to Dance/I Want You Back (Original/Cover - the Jackson 5ive mash-up) [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [YouTube] | [YouTube] | [YouTube]
  8. Shake It Off (Crowd doing the rap) [Instagram - Cale intro] [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [YouTube] | [YouTube]
  9. In Time [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] [YouTube]
  10. It's Always You (dedicated to Rana) [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [YouTube [mp3]] | [YouTube]
  11. Monster/Animals (Original/Cover - Maroon 5) [Instagram] |  [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [YouTube] | [YouTube]
  12. Alright With Me/Uptown Funk/Superstition/So Fresh, So Clean (Original/Cover - Bruno Mars/Stevie Wonder/Outkast) - PREMIERE of mash-up [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [YouTube] | [YouTube] | [YouTube] [mp3] | [YouTube]
  13. Live Like We're Dying [Instagram] | [Instagram] | [YouTube]
  14. End of the Show [YouTube]
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