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January 24 - 28: The Rock Boat Cruise, Miami - Cozumel

Photo via The Rock Boat XV

The Rock Boat
Cruise with Concerts

January 24-28, 2015

Miami, FL to Cozumel

Show and List Preview:
Last year, Kris and band enjoyed the Live Loud Festival cruise - and you enjoyed watching their antics so much, it was the most popular post on this blog in 2014! This year, they are taking on a bigger, more high profile music cruise - the Rock Boat!

The Norwegian Pearl (photo via Norwegian Cruise Lines)
Kris and band and fans will set sail about the Norwegian Pearl (picture above) for a four-day adventure that will take them from the Port of Miami to the Mexican island of Cozumel, just off the Yucatan Peninsula. There will be a lot of fun, games and three, count them, three Kris shows! Plus they've got some friends and former touring companions on the cruise in Green River Ordinance and Andy Suzuki and the Method plus, how could I forget, the Barenaked Ladies are also on this cruise. We'll track it all and post updates as they come in this post.

Cruise Information:
Updated 3/10/15 with some new videos. You'll find setlists and tons of pictures and videos (and mp3s) after the break...

Cruise Fun!
Photo via kris_allen on Instagram

Bon Voyage, KAB! (Photo by bigdaddysays on IG)

(Photo by katyallen79 on IG)
Scooter fun with Big Daddy and his panda (Photo by bigdaddysays on IG)

Some onboard advertising ... photo by @Ang_XoXo17

Kris' Rock Boat Shows
(Complete schedule for all artists here)

Media from all shows will be posted here under the show's date.

Day 1

Show #1: Sunday, January 25, 2 PM on the Stardust Deck

Photo by @krismicklin
(Photo by @kt_cle)
(Photo by @kt_cle)

(Photo by @kt_cle)
January 25 Show #1 Set List: 
  1. Out Alive (snippet)/Paul Simon [YouTube]
  2. Better With You
  3. Don't Set Me Free [YouTube]
  4. Beautiful and Wild [YouTube - snippet]
  5. Chandelier/Stay With Me (Cover - Sia/Sam Smith mash-up)
  6. Loves Me Not [YouTube] | [YouTube - snippet]
  7. Everybody Wants to Rule the World/The Way You Make Me Feel (Cover - Tears for Fears/Michael Jackson mash-up) [YouTube] | [YouTube] | [YouTube - snippet]
  8. Everybody Just Wants to Dance/I Want You Back (Original/Cover- the Jackson 5ive mash-up)
  9. Shut That Door
  10. You Got A Way [YouTube with AWM and IAY] | [YouTube - snippet]
  11. Alright With Me [YouTube with YGAW and IAY] | [YouTube - snippet]
  12. It's Always You [YouTube with YGAW and AWM]
  13. In Time
  14. Rooftops
  15. Live Like We're Dying
  16. End of the Show
Worship with Green River Ordinance, 10 AM
Before his show in the afternoon, Kris joined Green River Ordinance in the morninng for their worship set:

(Photo by @ameeliu )
  1. Mighty to Save (cover - Hillsong) with GRO PREMIERE  [YouTube] [mp3] | [YouTube] | [YouTube] | [YouTube] | [Facebook video

Day 2

Show #2: Monday, January 26, 9:30 PM on the Atrium

(Photo by @Ang_XoXo17)
Photo by @krismicklin

(Photo by asmithaudio on Instagram)
(Photo by @kt_cle)
(Photo by aprilkeg on IG)

January 26 Day 2 Set List:
  1. Shut That Door [YouTube - snippet] | [YouTube]
  2. Better With You 
  3. Out Alive (snippet)/Paul Simon
  4. Don't Set Me Free
  5. Faith/We Are Young/Some Nights (Cover - George Michael/fun. mash-up) [YouTube] | [YouTube - snippet]
  6. Beautiful and Wild [YouTube - snippet]
  7. Chandelier/Take Me to Church/Stay With Me (Cover - Sia/Hozier/Sam Smith mash-up) [YouTube] | [YouTube - snippet] | [YouTube -snippet] | [YouTube]
  8. Everybody Just Wants to Dance/I Want You Back (Original/Cover - the Jackson 5ive mash-up) 
  9. Shake It Off (Cover - Taylor Swift) - PREMIERE [YouTube] | [YouTube] | [YouTube snippet] | [YouTube]
  10. In Time [YouTube - snippet]
  11. Alright With Me
  12. Monster/Animals (Original/Cover - Maroon 5 - mash-up)  - PREMIERE OF MASH-UP  [YouTube] [MP3] | | [YouTube - snippet | [YouTube]
  13. Rooftops
  14. Live Like We're Dying
  15. End of the Show [YouTube]
Playlist: Annie's Concert Videos
Banter [YouTube]

    Bonus: Movie Night!
    On Monday night, all the artists got together and did a bunch of songs from movies! Sounds great!
    (Photo by @ameeliu)

    (Photo by @Ang_XoXo17

    During movie night, Kris performed:
    1. Mrs. Robinson (Cover - Simon and Garfunckel) - PREMIERE [YouTube with In Your Eyes] | [YouTube] | [YouTube - snippet] [mp3] | fantastic YouTube]
    2. In Your Eyes (Cover - Peter and Gabriel)  [YouTube with Mrs. Robinson] | [YouTube] | [YouTube]

    Day 3

    Show #3: Tuesday, January 27, 12:45 PM on the Spinnacker

    (Photo by @kt_cle)

    1. Thank God I'm a Country Boy (Cover - John Denver) [YouTube - snippet]
    2. Mrs. Robinson [YouTube]
    Set List:
    1. Better With You [YouTube]
    2. Don't Set Me Free [YouTube]
    3. Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise (Cover - Kanye West/Coolio mash-up) [Facebook video]  | [YouTube]
    4. Parachute - PREMIERE [Instagram] | [YouTube with next two songs | [mp3]] | [YouTube - snippet] | [YouTube]
    5. Everybody Wants to Rule the World/The Way You Make Me Feel (Cover - Tears for Fears/Michael Jackson mash-up)  [YouTube with Parachute and PS] | [YouTube] | [YouTube - snippet]
    6. Out Alive (snippet)/Paul Simon  [YouTube with Parachute and EWTRTW/TWYMMF]
    7. Beautiful and Wild
    8. Everybody Just Wants to Dance/I Want You Back (Original/Cover - Jackson 5ive mash-up)
    9. Shut That Door [YouTube]
    10. Alright With Me
    11. Shake It Off (with a rap from Katy Allen) [Instagram] | [YouTube] | [YouTube]
    12. Live Like We're Dying/One Love (Original/Cover - Bob Marley mash-up) PREMIERE of mash-up (He's done both songs before, just not together) [YouTube]
    13. The River (Cover - Garth Brooks) [Instagram] | [YouTube] | [YouTube]
    14. End of the Show

    Midnight Jam with Sister Hazel

    (Photo by @Ang_XoXo17)
    1. Purple Rain (Cover - Prince) PREMIERE [YouTube with Let's Go Crazy | [mp3]] [YouTube - snippet] | [Facebook video] | [YouTube] | [YouTube with Let's Go Crazy] | [YouTube with Let's Go Crazy] | [YouTube]
    2. Let's Go Crazy (Cover - Prince) PREMIERE  [YouTube with Purple Rain] | [YouTube with Purple Rain] | [YouTube with Purple Rain] | [YouTube]


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