Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 2014 Tour and List Preview!

How excited are we!!!!?

Kris Allen's mini-tour this month gets underway Saturday, February 8, in Watseka, IL!

In recent interviews, Kris has indicated that this month's tour is to get the FULL band used to each other and to work out some of the new songs in a live setting. Every time he tweets about the tour, I see many of you reply in despair that he is not coming your way. If you live in the USA, relax. He is coming your way later this year! (Another thing he has said in recent interviews.) If you want to see all the scheduled dates and events I do know of (including the ones that aren't "official" yet and thus not on KAO or Little Pawns, scroll down to the bottom of this page to the calendar (aka the Kralendar).

By the way, if you are a google calendar user, you can click the little google calendar logo at the bottom to add the Kralendar to your calendar. Another tip: I like the calendar best when you click on the "Agenda" tab - gives you a nice simple list of upcoming dates.

But back to the tour preview!

This week, the band has been rehearsing in Nashville. It will be full band, which I am assuming means:
  • Kris on vocals and guitar (@KrisAllen)
  • Cale on guitar (@calevis24 but sadly taking a way too long twitter break)
  • Andrew S.M. on keyboards (@thenmarie)
  • Torres back on the bass! And maybe the box? (still no Twitter)
And introducing the new drummer for the Kris Allen Band, Steve Soderholm (@SteveSoderholm)!

Photo by @KrisAllen 

I think Steve looks like he will fit right in!

Big Daddy (@BigDaddySays) returns as tour manager. He is already having the usual trouble with the road vehicle.

And of course, we'll be back with live tweets from each show, courtesy of our twitter lists! If you aren't on Twitter (and you really should be if you are a Kris fan, but if it's just not for you) - the lists are embedded over here in a post to go with each show. If you aren't sure what Twitter lists are, or how they work, read my updated FAQ.

I'll also be continuing our new format of giving you pre- and post-show publicity, press, pictures and the setlist here as well, with each show's post. The post and list for each show will normally go live the night before or the morning of the show (depending on my schedule). As soon as possible the day after a show, I'll update our Tumblr and our spreadsheet to keep track of the setlists.

So get psyched! Live Kris Allen is the best Kris Allen and great shows and new music are coming our way!

 - KAL