Friday, February 7, 2014

Horizons Tour: February 8, 2014: The Watseka Theatre, Watseka, IL

Street Team Flyer


February 8, 2014

The Watseka Theatre
Watseka, IL

Doors open 5:30 CST; Show 7 pm CST
(8 PM EST; 5 PM PST)

Opening Act: Caroline Glaser
Show and List Preview:
The first show of Kris' February tour is tonight in Watseka, IL. Watseka is in central Illinois, a few hours from Chicago. We do have a few Chicagoites on the list however, plus a few others you'll recall from past lists. So the live tweets and videos should happen! It is a full band non-acoustic show and most exciting, Kris has indicated he will be doing some new songs tonight from the album he has been recording in Nashville this year. He also asked for cover suggestions, and today, he posted a video of the KAB practicing I Want You Back by the Jackson 5.

Rehearsal Photos

Photo by @singlexiesing

Pre-Show Publicity and Press:
The Ticket:

Thanks @HartNurseDeb !!


Merch, Signage and Other Fun Stuff:

Note: We hear this drink is really a pina colada on the rocks.

Photo by @GreenPawns

New Merch! Yay V-Necks!

Thanks to @PaulaHupf and @Peppermintish for the merch pics!

The Show:

Photo of stage set by +Little Pawns 

Photo by +Little Pawns 

Set List:

Photo by @peppermintish

  1.  Paul Simon [Vine] [Video] [Video]
  2. Better With You [Instagram] [Video] [Video]
  3. Don't Set Me Free -PREMIERE [Video] [mp3 from video] | [Video] [Video]
  4. Alright With Me [Video] [mp3] | [Video]
  5. Leave You Alone - more epic than ever [Video fantastic audio] [mp3] | [Video]
  6. Everybody Just Wants to Dance/I Want You Back (Original/Cover - Jackson 5 mash-up) - PREMIERE [Instagram] [Instagram coupled with In Time] [mp3 from livestream] | [Video] | [Video] [mp3 from video] | [Video] [Video]
  7. In Time - PREMIERE [mp3 from livestream] [Facebook partial video]| [Video] [mp3 from video] | [Video - fantastic audio] [Video]
  8. It's Always You - PREMIERE [mp3 from livestream] |  [Video][mp3 from video] | [Video fantastic audio] [Video]
  9. Out Alive [Facebook partial video] [Video] [Video]
  10. Beautiful and Wild - PREMIERE [Video] [mp3 from video] | [Video fantastic audio] [Video]
  11. Monster [Video] [mp3 from video] | [Video] [Video]
  12. Rooftops [Vine] [Video] [Video]
  13. Live Like We're Dying [Video with STD] [Video with STD
  14. Shut That Door [Video with LLWD] [Video with LLWD]
  15. ENCORE: New song - hearing it was simply called "The End of the Show"  - PREMIERE [Video] [mp3] | [Video] | [Video]

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