Thursday, February 13, 2014

Surprise Show: February 13, 2014: Rockwood Music Hall, New York City

Surprise Show!

February 13, 2014

Rockwood Music Hall
New York, NY

Show: 6:30 PM EST

No opening acts

Show and List Preview:
Kris is doing a surprise show tonight at 6:30 PM at a venue he did two great shows at this past May. The show is to partly make up for the fact he had to cancel a show in a more rural part of Connecticut tonight due to Winter Storm Pax (it cracks me up they name winter storms now). There is a blizzard in NYC today. We'll see who can make it! The band did based on a twitter conversation you can see on the list. I do see quite a few regular fans who are already in the city planning to go.

Pre-Show/Event Press and Publicity:

None beyond venue, street team and Kris tweets - it's a surprise show!

The 2014 tour bus - Photo by @ang_716
The Line! Photo by @heartsandroses9

The Show:

Photo by @heartsandroses9 

Set List: (To be filled in as the show goes on or afterwards)
  1. Paul Simon [Video]
  2. Better With You [Video]
  3. Don't Set Me Free [Instagram] [Video] [Video] [mp3 (banter-free)]
  4. Alright With Me [Video]
  5. Leave You Alone [Video] [Video]
  6. Loves Me Not (with Jillette Johnson)! [Video - partial]
  7. Everybody Just Wants to Dance/I Want You Back (original/cover - Jackson 5) [Video] [Video - IWYB - partial]
  8. In Time [Video]
  9. Beautiful and Wild [Video]
  10. Live Like We're Dying [Instagram]
  11. End of the Show [Instagram] [Video] [Video]

After the Show: