Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Getting Ready for the No Limits Tour 2014!

The first shows of the Boyce Avenue/Kris Allen fall tour start this week! I thought it would be a good time to review how lists work and preview my plans for the show posts and lists this fall.

What, there's a tour?

You mean you didn't get tickets yet? You need to get on that! Here's what you should do:

Go to for ticket and show information

Go to for the "VIP experience" (a meet and greet with Kris)

Tweet me @KrisAllenLists to let me know which show you are going to so I can add you to the live tweet list! Also if you could tweet me a picture of your ticket, I'd appreciate it!


For those who don't know what I mean when I say "list," I'm talking about twitter lists that contain live tweets of posts from a specific show. I have a basic FAQ you can read here.

If you are wondering how you got on a list, I or someone I know probably saw you tweeting about a show. Please don't stress about it - just relax and enjoy the show. But please do throw out a tweet or two - don't hold out on your fellow fans who are trying to enjoy the show vicariously! Not everyone is lucky enough to go see Kris live.


For the Boyce Avenue shows, obviously, Kris is not the headliner. My focus in tweets and posts, however, will be Kris since he's who this blog is about. I have added Boyce Avenue fans to the lists, because we all know seeing Kris live is something that will hopefully and likely make them Kris fans, but please don't expect them to tweet a lot about Kris. :)  If anyone on the list is rude to Kris, I'll take them off the list; please don't harass them.

Aside from that, the posts will take the usual format and timing - I'll put up the post and open the list a couple of days before a show, and close the list down a couple of days after. In the meantime, I'll update the post with set list, photos and links to videos, articles and photo albums, so that there's a great record of Kris' part of each show.

By the way, this is not intended to slight Boyce Avenue or their fans at all. From the tweets I've seen, they seem like very nice and cool people! I'm assuming they have their own fan pages where one can get videos, photos, set list etc. (I'm happy to pass along the link if it's sent to me because I know Kris fans will enjoy them!) I'm also hoping the two acts will collaborate on stage, so will definitely chronicle that if it happens.

Have fun this Fall! See ya on the lists!